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  Shirley Kirkes Mar

An idea and a stroke of a pin, starts the life of a new painting. Many of Kirkes Mar's paintings have been moments of choreography from her original ballets. Ishtar, Koo Sa Moo, Creeon, Galaxy, Calling You, Dream Time, Sultry Night, and Diane and Acteon, are a few.

An injury put Shirley into Dance, and an injury took her out, and replaced it with the art of drawing and painting.

At 18 she left her Texas home to pursue a career in dance. Her career as a featured dancer in Television , theater, and movies gave her the pleasure to choreograph for Steve Martin, Michael J. Fox, Bernadette Peters, and Henry Winkler, Michael Douglas, Nanette Bening , Christopher Walken, and Gene Hackman,to name a few. Films and directors include: American President-Rob Reiner, Absolute Power-Clint Eastwood and Three Amigos-John Landis.

Shirley studied Art in Southern California at the Art Studio and Loyola Marymount. Her art has been featured in many different venues: Saiku Gallery, Bridge St. Gallery, ECR Gallery, Piano Gallery, and Vault Gallery.

Shirley was chosen to paint for the SLO Mozart Festival of 2005 and 2006. Her art was selected for the Cambia Art and Wine Festival poster of 2004. Her portrait of singer Maureen McGovern has been used on the Cover of The Philadelphia Enquirer. Their first artist in 28 years of the magazines existence. The off-Broadway hit show, "Menopause The Musical" chose her self-portrait to travel with the musical. Shirley's works have also been bought or rented for television series and movies; most recently NBC's "ER', Fox's "Still Standing", MGM's "Legally Blond", "Lost", "Two and a Half Men", and the movie "Freedom Writer". Illustrations for a Book of Gnomes 2007, Eight feet tall material paintings for TOGS Theater in Cambia, Mid-State Fair awards 2006-2007 in Paso Robles CA. Posters and paintings created for "Crazy for You" and "The Music Man" Musicals for Coast Union. Chosen artist for 2006 Pindorado, People's choice award "Petals and Palettes" art show 2006. Featured artist in "Horses in Art" magazine, and "Women's Press", 2007. Class Act Dance theater, has used Shirley's art for Posters, flyers, programs, and T-shirts these last four years. Coming in 2008 Peachy Canyon winery is featuring Shirley's art on their Zinfandel bottle for the San Francisco show.

Kirkes Mar thanks her collectors for being so supportive of her art.

Shirley values her gifts as an artist, as much as she valued her gift of dance. So putting dance on canvas seems to be the most natural thing to do.

" Girl at the Piano "